Spoils of war. Game of thrones episode 4 season 7

Okay after watching this weeks game of thrones over and over again, I have decided to write my weekly review on the episode. In all sincerity, I didn't want to write any review this week for fear that I might not be able to truly express how I feel about the episode.
Am still trying to catch my breath. And I am sure you are too. If you aren't trying to catch your breath, then I guess GOT doesn't do it again for you. A lot  happened in this episode (even though it was the shortest episode ever, since the beginning of the show) that made it every thing world class. If you are reading this, chances are that you have already watched the episode, so there is no fear of a spoiler. So I am going to talk about my own opinion of this weeks major happening in game of thrones season 7
Every one. I mean every one... Including you! Yes you!!! Have been looking forward to this. But was it what we expected? I think not. here's the summary; Arya meets Sansa. They hug ( talk talk talk) and then they go and meet Bran. Who is still being spooky as ever, shows Arya and Sansa just how spooky he can get. But not before gifting Arya a valerian steel dagger which he got from little finger. Ironically, it was the same dagger which was almost used to kill him in season one.
But it gets interesting when arya and Brienne meet and have a fun practice session which ended in Arya almost getting the better of her

Well, like most people, I ain't blind to the chemistry of the two. If you didn't notice it, then you should go watch it again. (Okay maybe am exaggerating a little) but common, Jon takes Dany into a cave again( like we have forgotten he lost his virginity in a cave) and shows her drawings of the first men and children of the Forrest. While he and Dany share scorching looks.
If you still aren't convinced about the chemistry, then Ser Davos will convince you. As he accuses Jon of staring at Dany's good heart (b**bs) and Jon doesn't deny it! (can I hear an Amen!)

But all this happenings seems like child's play until we get to the 35th minute of the episode when we are taken to Jaimie and Bronn. ( let's not forget DICK-on) who are together with the Lannister army carrying cerci's gold. Jaime, Dickon and Bronn are in the middle of a conversation when they hear the sound of the dotraki racing towards them. In as much as they tried to get themselves organized and withstand the Dothraki, who if I might add, are awesome!!!(like the Lego batman),  They stood no chance against the burning flames of Drogon. This battle was not just any battle. It was the best battle game of thrones have shown us. From people being burnt alive to horses legs being cut off!! Jamie did the best he could but one dragon was just too much for them. Thank God it wasn't 3 dragons. Bronn however was the man of the match has he gets a shot at Drogon with the Xbox thing.( we still don't know what to call it) and still safes Jamie's life at the very last minute before he is burnt to death by a very very pissed off dragon. In the words of Tyrion, you fu**king idot Jaimie!!!😂.
I will like to also use this medium to seek for your prayers as we pray that Drogon gets a speedy recovery. 🙏🏾