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Why we love game of thrones

It took me a while before I could catch my breath after watching the season finale of game of thrones season 7. It wasn't just the incestious romance,the betrayal, the walking dead nor even the overlapping stories that put me in a state of heartbreak or perplexity, but the realization with each passing minute that I would have to wait a year or even two for yet another episode. While reading  various recaps and reviews of the episode, I could not help but notice that it seemed as though I'm the only one who feels nostalgic already even with a season still to come.
Gradually, season 7 had kept on a steady pace of killing off many political (but still major) characters. And with the death of lord Baylish aka little finger ( played by Aiden Gillen) ,one can not but note that it was the straw that broke the camels back and awoken the audiences to the impending curtain close of our favorite show. Little finger through his conniving and plotting, created the chaos that is game of t…


REVIEW I may be late to the party, but my grandma always said "better late than never" so although late to watching this film, it will not stop me from giving my honest opinion about it.
Don't worry, if you haven't watched it. Because I will not be giving any spoilers. You can therefore relax and continue to read.
War for the planet of the apes is the third installment of the latest reboot of the franchise and was expected to be the end of the movie series until actor, (Andy Serkis) confirmed the making of a fourth film.
 I do not intend to score this movie because I fear that I might be biased in doing so. However, it is difficult to over look some positives and negatives of the film.
The movie begins when Caesar (Andy Serkis) and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless colonel (Woody Harrelson). After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge …

Where is Missandei

Where is misandei? 
In the last two episodes of HBO's game of thrones, they have conveniently kept missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) out of the picture. And I am struggling to understand the reason for this omission. The trusted adviser to Deaneries Targaryen has  always been at the side of the dragon queen and it's difficult to imagine her away from the queen's side. But for two episodes, which has proven to be the most trying of times for the Queen, producers of the show have decided to quietly ignore her character. I therefore, have come up with the following hypothesis for her absence  1. Greyworm: following the sex scene of episode 2, between missandei and the unsullied leader, one would not be wrong for thinking the love between the pair has grown considerably. Also looking back at episode 4, where she expressed her increased worries over her man to Danny, who was curious to know what went down between them. So it won't be far fetched to think missandei of Naath has…

Ways in which game of thrones episode 6 did not make any sense

With millions of viewers worldwide now watching the series, game of Thrones does not need any introduction. The penultimate season of Game of Thrones has done well to keep viewers addicted to the show as ever, with increased fan base with very episode released. And why not? It is a show that has dragons, zombies, faceless killers and sword fights. It is therefore, difficult not to get addicted to what is right now, the most watched and talked about television show.(if not the very best in television right now). One thing that has made the show stand out is the well thought out plots which has always been able to make us all ignore the logic of magic. Season seven however, has gradually began to lose this logic. Maybe it is the rush to conclude the series that has made The crew, do what ever it feels like and not minding how much nonsense we have to endure in the process.
If one has watched episode 6 of season 7, it will be difficult not to ask many begging questions. Some of which ar…

Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2

Guardians of the Galaxy may have just won the 2017 teen choice awards but did the 2017 installment of the guardians of the Galaxy live up to my expectation? Well, with a personal rating of 7, I think it did. Although, I didn't feel any seriousness in the movie... The director (James Gunn) Probably did this intentional. In my opinion, My opinion, marvels comedic touches to their movies, is what gives them an edge over the DC universe. But I think we have gotten to the point where this movies need to add a little bit more seriousness than comedic relieves they offer. I do not intend to give any spoilers for those who are yet to watch the movie, so I will not point out specifics in the movie where I feel marvel might have gotten it wrong. But if one is to compare the most recent marvel film, SPIDERMAN;HOME COMING to this, one would see how balanced the comedy was with the action. And you get this feeling of seriousness which was totally absent in the guardians of the Galaxy.


One more episode to the end of season 7 game of thrones

This review  contains  spoilers of Game of Thrones season seven episode six. if you haven't watched it please kindly stay out so that I will not be responsible for Any spoilers.
Death is the enemy ( the title of this weeks episode) wasn't leaked but was accidentally played by HBO in some countries. So as much as am not happy about this, I feel HBO needs to wake up. I initially didn't want to review this episode until the official release on Sunday but seeing that most people have watched it, am left with no choice.
So with two episodes left, game of thrones  is being game of throne. By killing people and animals alike!!!!
Let's start off with the more boring part of this weeks episode

Little finger may have succeeded in coming between Sansa and Arya. But it's still pretty unclear what his overall intentions are. One thing however is certain and that's the fact that He is up to no good. But as much as we have come to love little finger, it kind of seems like hi…